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Marketing Strategy Starting from short-term action, to the long-term strategies, we develop and execute marketing plans tailored to the goals and needs of our customers.

Public Relations We develop and execute public relations strategies for businesses and public figures.

Graphic Design We provide professional graphic design services for advertising materials, logos and brands visual design.

Video Production With help our high quality film equipment and a team of specialists, we are able to create and realize any audiovisual project.

Web Design Website is the basic platform for presenting the offer to your client. Appropriate design and content is the basis of every project. We offer a comprehensive website design and implementation, giving you the edge over the competition.

Influence Marketing Influence Marketing is the future of brand communication with customers. Promoting the brand through opinion leaders, public figures is one of the most effective techniques for acquiring clients.
  • The tasks entrusted to the agency were done by a qualified team and with due diligence.

    Tadeusz Dyrga, Vice President of Asseco Poland

  • Show Central is primarily open to ideas and a 100% commitment to projects that we have had the pleasure of realizing together. With the agency's professionalism you can stay calm even when the deadline is very close.

    Paweł Zajączkowski, Junior Event Manager Euro M sp. z o.o.

  • Very efficient implementation of the project. Contact and service also at a very high level. I would highly recommend

    Bartosz Żurek, IMEST

  • Pleasant customer service, specific information about the project execution process. Perceptible brand that surpasses most of the market.

    Paweł Płoski, Freelancer

  • Highly recommended. Organization at the highest level.

    Alicja Drzewiecka, Wielki Apetyt

  • Full professionalism. I recommend heartily!

    Marcelina Kruż, event manager, International Congress Center in Katowice

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Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them,
more able to get where they’d like to go.

- Seth Godin -


History of Show Central begins in 2012. A group of marketing specialists joined forces and launched the Show Central brand. Initially, the agency provided only marketing and promotional services. Currently, our clients can also use film and television production services. Our team consists of experienced professionals with 7 to even 25 years experience in the industry. This team consists of marketing managers, designers, web developers, filmmakers, sound engineers , pr managers and many other professions.

The key to Show Central’s success is its international character. Headquartered in the heart of the European market, London allows for a broad and effective operation across Europe. Our specialists comes from Poland, Great Britain, Malta and Austria. This allows us to perfectly understand the local characteristics of our customers and their needs. The task set by our team is also to introduce practices and tools successfully used in the leading creative industries in the world.

 Show Central’s core principle is to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and high quality of service. In our relations with customers and the market environment, we try to maintain full transparency and clear rules of cooperation. In all sectors of our operations we pay special attention to the highest level of customer service. This allows us to efficiently build lasting and positive business relations and maintain a pleasant atmosphere of mutual cooperation.

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